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Are you required to get a home inspection in Texas? The short answer is, no, you are not required to get a home inspection. Many transactions are closed without home inspections, however the majority of these are investor type of sales with the risk calculated into the price.

If you are not an investor or experienced buyer not having a home inspected can lead to real problems that even the deepest discount on price cannot over come.  At Your Time Home Inspections we work with buyers and sellers “with” and “without” experience because both need a company they can trust. As a first time home buyer or seller it is beneficial to have a 1-on-1 inspector that is experienced, licensed, and well educated to explain your report in detail. Our commitment to service will help you understand the condition of your property before buying or selling.

Experienced buyers or investors have started to realize that their construction crews or trades are affecting  their bottom line by sometimes inflating rehab costs to benefit their business. Not to say that all trades are not trustworthy or lack integrity, but having a home inspected prior to getting quotes can help keep everyone honest ensuring a healthy relationship. 

Know what you are buying  setup a home inspection online today or if you have any questions call our office. We look forward to helping you with your next home inspection San Antonio.