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Home Inspection Questions?

Got real estate inspection questions?

If you are buying a house you probably have a million questions about the entire real estate process. 

One of the biggest questions most people have are who pays for what; especially when it comes to the home inspection. If you ask your licensed REALTOR their best answer will probably be it is negotiable.

A home inspection is definitely negotiable for a buyer but for a seller it really makes for a cleaner transaction. By scheduling a pre-list inspection a seller can feel confident in their listing price and negotiate with contractors they trust to make repairs.

Other real estate inspection questions we frequently hear.

“Is my purchase guaranteed from defects after it has been inspected and repaired?

Absolutely, NOT,  a home inspection is licensed and regulated by the State of Texas with key inspection points that can help a buyer make an informed decision on the condition of the property.

Although you should trust your licensed REALTOR with most real estate questions we do not see a real estate inspection as cost that should be skipped or negotiated. Yes we are a home inspection company which can be seen as biased, but from an investment stand point it just makes sense to know what you are buying or investing in.

FYI: Our clients pay at CLOSING!