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Buying a New Home? It really is not like buying a, “New Car”!

Our REALTOR friends tell us time and time again about their client’s apprehension in purchasing an inspection for a “New Home”. We understand too because like so many we might choose something “new” like a car, computer, office and even a home.

Most consumers that purchase something “New” usually do so to avoid unexpected costs and unknown defects in their purchases. That is where there seems to be a misunderstanding for consumers or new home buyers. It is important to remember that next to a car a home purchase it is not only the largest purchase most make but it is usually the most profitable long term investment as well. As an investment you would want the most information available to make a sound decision; your home inspector and the licensed report they provide can give you that information.

Another overlooked reason for a new home inspection is that like most products humans produce homes and sometimes make mistakes. Most reputable builders have their tradesman, roofers, HVAC, tile, painters on site. When given a report from a licensed home inspector the builder can simply forward to the trades that they have relationships with and remedy the issues quickly. The reality is before you close on the home the builder pays the tradesman for a job and when it has been revealed that the tradesman didn’t complete the work properly the builder can take action on their purchase.

Warranties sometimes give consumers or new home buyers a false sense of confidence. There is usually a few books in your closing documents that detail what is covered and for how long. Unfortunately during the excitement of closing on your new home many fail to read the fine print and realize too late that their new home had many defects that, were not inspected, and are not covered under these warranties.

Even in a new home purchase it is important to use a Realtor. They are knowledgable of builder warranties and 99% of the time recommend a home inspection for new homes because of their experience with new homes.

FYI: Our clients pay at CLOSING!