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San Antonio Real Estate 2022

This year’s real estate season is projected to be just as competitive as last year. With that being said we have two musts for a successful buying and selling transaction. 

Pre-Listing Inspections allow for you the seller to start negotiations/bidding with confidence that your home is in good condition. Some real estate agents market these homes as “Certified Pre-Owned”. Which would you rather buy a “Certified Pre-Owned” or a home with a simple seller’s disclosure?

Many buyer’s thought it was in their best interest to skip option periods and forgo home inspections to make their offer more attractive last year. It is only more attractive if you are the seller, because you have given up your negotiating power as a buyer. Say that last part again slowly, “You Have Given Up Your Negotiating Power”!

Know what you are buying  setup a home inspection online today or if you have any questions call our office. We look forward to helping you with your next home inspection San Antonio.