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Who Pays for a Home Inspection?

Who pays for a home inspection? Honestly, who wouldn’t want to?

All property should be inspected before closing regardless of type. age, and condition. Both sellers and buyers can benefit from a home inspection because it allows both parties to feel confident in the transaction.

Every real estate agent that does or does not list your property will always give you free advice about a “seller’s disclosure” and its importance. The “seller’s disclosure” level of protection can gain significance when accompanied by an inspection report from a licensed inspector.

Buyers looking at a “seller’s disclosure” without an inspection report from the listing agent can reveal that the seller is not confident enough in their price point to invest in a presale inspection removing doubts as to the condition of the property.

Be sure to work with a real estate agent for negotiations and possible rebates as it relates to costs of inspections and repairs.

FYI: Our clients pay at CLOSING!